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Briefing: Child poverty debate in the Scottish Parliament – 10 June 2024

One in four children in Scotland live in poverty. In a country as wealthy as Scotland, this is simply not acceptable. The Poverty and Inequality Commission’s latest scrutiny report on progress of the Child Poverty Delivery Plan makes clear that child poverty levels have stayed broadly the same as they were five years previously, when … Read more

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Briefing: Ministerial statement on the Tackling Child Poverty Delivery Plan

One in four children in Scotland live with the injustice of poverty in wealthy Scotland. This is simply not acceptable. Last year, the Poverty and Inequality Commission’s scrutiny report concluded that – without urgent and concentrated action – the Scottish Government will miss its 2030 child poverty targets. In the 12 months following the publication … Read more

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Report: Cross Party Group on Poverty inquiry into rural poverty

The Cross Party Group on Poverty in the Scottish Parliament is a forum for exploring the drivers of and solutions to poverty in Scotland. It acts to connect MSPs with organisations working to tackle poverty, as well as with people living on low incomes across Scotland, in order to better inform anti-poverty policymaking and contribute … Read more

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Research: Together for Change – Community organisations advancing human rights

This report shares key learning from an action learning set with community organisations and members conducted as
part of the Poverty Alliance’s Rights in Action project.

Funded by the Scottish Government’s Equality and Human Rights Fund and supported by Inspiring Scotland, Rights in Action is a three-year project working across Scotland to support communities to use human rights as a tool for change.

This report includes five case studies of organisations’ experiences of advancing human rights through participating in action learning sets as well as reflections and learning from the project around taking a human rights-based approach and human rights education. It draws on interviews with participants, participant learning logs and pre-session reviews, and project team observations and reflections.

You can read it in the window below, or download it here.

Learning Together for Change - Rights in Action
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Briefing: The Fair Fares Review

In our wealthy nation, it is unjust that so many people do not have adequate incomes for a dignified life. Reform to our public transport systems is therefore an integral part of tackling poverty. Accessible, affordable and sustainable public transport has transformative potential. It is a lever to easing the financial pressures on low-income households … Read more

A graphic representing a woman juggling childcare and work commitments.

Briefing: Parental employment and child poverty

There’s a huge injustice at the heart of Scotland’s labour market. That’s demonstrated by the fact that two-thirds of children in poverty live in working households. Tackling child poverty means tackling parent poverty, and that means building a wellbeing economy where people have access to fair work with decent wages. In our briefing for MSPs … Read more

Engender graphic for Challenge Poverty Week

Briefing: International Women’s Day 2024

Infographics for #ChallengePoverty Week 2023, created by Engender Scotland. Our briefing for MSPs on International Women’s Day 2024 underlines the fundamental injustices facing women in Scotland when it comes to poverty and low incomes. Poverty in Scotland is gendered. Women are more likely to be living in poverty and find it harder to escape poverty. … Read more

Poverty Alliance Conference 2023

Drawing A Line Conference Briefings

The Poverty Alliance Conference 2023 – Drawing A Line – was an opportunity to explore why a Minimum Income Guarantee is needed, looking at key aspects of the current poverty problem in Scotland. We identified priority actions and key campaigning priorities that will take us closer to a Minimum Income Guarantee. We have brought together … Read more

Briefing: The Scottish Budget 2024-2025

Too many people across Scotland, including 250,000 children, are having their life chances restricted by the injustice of preventable poverty. This is completely unjust in a wealthy country like Scotland. The risk of poverty continues to be particularly high for disabled people; single parents, the majority of whom are women; and Black and minority ethnic … Read more

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