Research into the hospitality industry: Key themes for businesses

Research into the hospitality industry: Key themes for businesses

This briefing summarises findings across three different streams of research within the Serving the Future project. This research draws on the experiences of businesses and workers from urban and rural areas of Scotland. We welcome reflections on these early findings from businesses, workers, and industry bodies. Read it in the window below, or download it … Read more

Where's the credit?

Where’s the Credit?: Single Parents, Universal Credit and Mental Health

Universal Credit (UC) is harmful to the mental health of claimants and has a particularly detrimental impact on the mental health of lone parents, creating stress, anxiety and financial hardship. This rapid response briefing shares findings from the Changing Realities research programme, which works in partnership with over 100 parents and carers living on a … Read more

Policy Briefing 5: A Scotland where no one goes hungry

We can build a Scotland where no one goes hungry, where everyone has dignified access to good quality, affordable, healthy and sustainable food. Ahead of Challenge Poverty Week, read our briefing below or download it here.

Policy Briefing 1: A Scotland where we value our communities

We can build a Scotland where we value our communities and volunteers by making sure our community and voluntary organisations get fair and sustainable funding. Ahead of Challenge Poverty Week 2023 – read more about our asks in the briefing below or download it here.    

Challenge Poverty Week 2023: An overview of our key policy asks

Challenge Poverty Week was launched by the Poverty Alliance in 2013. We wanted to highlight the injustice of poverty in Scotland, and to show that collective action based on justice and compassion can create solutions. The week is an opportunity to raise your voice against poverty and unite with others in calling for a just … Read more

A stock image showing a woman decorating her house.

Briefing: The Child Support Collection (Domestic Abuse) Bill

Achieving financial security and income adequacy for children and young people, alongside their parents and caregivers, is vital to ensure positive outcomes for families. Research shows that family separation can lead to poverty for both parents, but the risk of persistent poverty is greater for single resident parents, around 90% of whom are women. We … Read more

A child playing with building blocks.

Briefing: Ministerial statement on Tackling Child Poverty Delivery Plan

This is our briefing in advance of a Ministerial statement on progress in the Tackling Child Poverty Delivery Plan. The cost of living crisis is far from over and will continue to have far-reaching implications for families across Scotland. Stubbornly high energy and food costs coupled with a growing debt crisis threatens to undo much … Read more

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