Briefing: The Fair Fares Review

In our wealthy nation, it is unjust that so many people do not have adequate incomes for a dignified life. Reform to our public transport systems is therefore an integral part of tackling poverty. Accessible, affordable and sustainable public transport has transformative potential.

It is a lever to easing the financial pressures on low-income households by unlocking employment, education and healthcare. This would ultimately raise household income and protect people from being swept into poverty or pulled in deeper. But too often, people living in poverty are locked out of accessing public transport due to rising cost and poor transport links, resulting in many being unable to access vital services.

We were commissioned by Scottish Government to recruit and facilitate a Citizen’s Panel – made up of people living in both rural and urban environments with experience of poverty and using public transport – to share their views and shape the Fair Fares Review. This Briefing outlines important findings from that work.

You can read the briefing in the window below, or download it from here.

Poverty Alliance Briefing for Debate on Fair Fares Review - March 2024

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