Vote your values!

In a democracy, everyone's voice matters equally.

So it's completely unjust that so many people on lower incomes get shut out from using their vote. This General Election looks set to be the most unequal for more than six decades, due to a ballooning turnout gap at elections and the growing role of money in British politics, according to a recent report from IPPR.

We can help change this. In the run-up to July 4, we will be working with Citizens UK's Voter Registration Champions scheme to raise awareness about how people can register to vote.

Below, you'll find a Toolkit for helping people in your organisations and communities get vote-ready, as well as posters and infographics to spread the word.

You MUST be registered to vote before midnight on Tuesday 18 June - or you won't be able to vote in the General Election! It's simple to do. Just complete the short form by clicking the button below.

You MUST have photo ID to vote at a UK General Election. There is information on what ID is acceptable here:  If you need it, you can apply for a free Voter Photo ID by clicking the button below.

Maybe you plan to be on holiday on the General Election Polling Day of Thursday 4 July? Or maybe you find it difficult to get to a Polling Station? You can apply for a postal vote by filling out a short form here:

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