What we do

  • Influence policy and practice
  • Support communities to challenge poverty
  • Build the anti poverty movement
  • Change attitudes
  • Provide evidence through research

The change we want to see



Poverty restricts people’s choices and their ability to take part in society. Every worker should be paid the Real Living Wage and benefits must cover people’s needs.


Access to high-quality public services

People living on low incomes are more likely to rely on public services. These services have a huge role in reducing the cost of living.


Opportunities to participate

People with lived experience of poverty must have their voices heard in policy-making processes. It’s the right thing to do and will create better solutions to poverty.



To end poverty we need public support for redesigning our economy. And in the short-term we need to end the discrimination that people on low incomes face.

What we believe

Our work is driven by our values:

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