New report: How well is Universal Credit Supporting People in Glasgow

A new report based on research undertaken by Poverty Alliance and University of Glasgow for Joseph Rowntree Foundation details the hardship and anxiety people in Glasgow faced during the initial roll-out of Universal Credit last year. Our social security system was designed to be an anchor to provide stability during hard times. With three million … Read more

Response to Scottish Government’s Economic Recovery Advisory Group Recommendations

Responding to the Scottish Government’s Economic Recovery Advisory Group Recommendations, Peter Kelly, Director of Poverty Alliance said: “Scotland entered this pandemic with an economy that was marked by stark levels of inequality that have made worse the impact of the crisis and still hamper recovery. Addressing inequality will be vital as we redesign our economy … Read more

Exploring the use of Flexible Educational Arrangements in Fife

Findings from a small-scale exploratory research project on the use of Flexible Educational Arrangements[1] in Fife published today by the Poverty Alliance provides important insights into young people and their families’ experiences of part-time school timetables. This research is particularly timely given the current debate about the impact of Covid-19 on education, and planned combinations … Read more

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