1,330 drug-related deaths in 2021 in Scotland

‘We can’t tackle drugs deaths without tackling poverty’

The Poverty Alliance has issued a statement reacting to the publication of new figures on drugs deaths in Scotland. Peter Kelly, director of the Poverty Alliance, said: “There is little good news in these figures. The current level of drug deaths in Scotland remains entirely unacceptable. In a just Scotland, no-one would lose their life … Read more

An older person at home

Member blog: Time to talk about pensioner poverty

Scotland Policy and Public Affairs Manager at Independent Age, Debbie Horne, sets out why tackling pensioner poverty must be a priority. For months now we’ve seen headlines about the spiraling cost of living, which is having a devastating impact on people’s ability to get by. But as many of us know, struggling to afford essentials … Read more

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Values first! Talking about poverty and the economy

How can we best win support for the kinds of change we need to end poverty in Scotland? These two-hour training sessions from the Poverty Alliance show how we can begin to frame our communications in a way that reaches people’s fundamental values. We’ll look at research about the values that are most helpful to … Read more

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