Guest blog: Scotland’s 100,000 challenge

One of the clearest impacts of the pandemic so far has been rising levels of unemployment, with young people being particularly affected by labour market disruption. Rachel Statham, Senior Research Fellow at IPPR, writes on the looming youth unemployment crisis in Scotland and the steps we can take to prevent long-term damage to a generation’s … Read more

Guest blog: Charting Scotland’s path towards recovery

The pandemic has shone a light on many of the deep inequalities created by the decisions that have been taken about how we design our economy. Miriam Brett, Director of Research and Advocacy at Common Wealth, here outlines some of the steps that can be taken in Scotland to build a more equitable, sustainable, and … Read more

Blog: Why expanding free public transport must be part of building a wellbeing economy

Activist Jenna Woods shares her experience of navigating unaffordable transport costs as she pursued higher education and the world of work. She argues that expanding free public transport to under 25s and people receiving Universal Credit would help alleviate poverty and level the playing field. In a country as prosperous as Scotland, everyone should be … Read more

Blog: A Minimum Income Guarantee would ensure disabled people like me can take part in society, Amanda Foster

 Amanda Foster, Community Activist with Poverty Alliance, argues that by introducing a Minimum Income Guarantee, the Scottish Government could ensure that disabled people like her have what they need to live full and dignified lives.  This article was originally published in The Herald. In our society, we all believe that everyone should be able to … Read more

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