Briefing: The Scottish Budget 2024-2025

Too many people across Scotland, including 250,000 children, are having their life chances restricted by the injustice of preventable poverty. This is completely unjust in a wealthy country like Scotland. The risk of poverty continues to be particularly high for disabled people; single parents, the majority of whom are women; and Black and minority ethnic … Read more

A stock photo of three young men in their wheelchairs.

Ministers don’t have the right to say who is fit for work

Anti-poverty campaigners have accused the UK Government of using the threat of hunger and destitution to push people into unsuitable work. The Poverty Alliance – Scotland’s national anti-poverty network – says proposed changes to give the Department of Work & Pensions the power to strip people of their social security are ‘immoral’ and unworkable. Poverty … Read more

Poster for The Cost of Dying Exhibition. Image (c) Margaret Mitchell

Briefing: Dying in the margins

This briefing was created for MSPs in advance of a member’s debate on the Dying in the Margins research project by the University of Glasgow and Marie Curie. Terminal illness amplifies existing inequality and poverty. Research from Marie Curie and the University of Loughborough found one in four people die in poverty at the end … Read more

Consultation Response: Impact of the rising cost of living on women

Poverty is gendered with women more likely to experience poverty compared to men at all points in their life. This is our joint response with the Scottish Women’s Budget Group to the Commons Women and Equalities Committee inquiry into how women are being affected by the cost of living crisis. In it, we outline how … Read more

Consultation response: Work and Pensions Committee on Safeguarding Vulnerable Claimants

The Commons Work & Pensions Committee is looking into how DWP supports vulnerable benefit claimants and whether its approach to safeguarding needs to change. In our response we call for the increased importance and recognition of ‘Vulnerable Claimants’ engaging with DWP services. We highlight the importance of the conceptualisation and operationalisation of vulnerable claimants, experiences … Read more

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