Briefing: The Scottish Budget 2024-2025

Too many people across Scotland, including 250,000 children, are having their life chances restricted by the injustice of preventable poverty. This is completely unjust in a wealthy country like Scotland.

The risk of poverty continues to be particularly high for disabled people; single parents, the majority of whom are women; and Black and minority ethnic people.

In a letter to the First Minister in August 2023, some 150 charities, trade unions, campaign groups, and community organisations came together to ask the First Minister to put action to tackle poverty at the heart of the Programme for Government In recognition of the fact people living in the grip of poverty cannot afford to wait, these diverse organisations showed their support for a range of critical actions including increasing the Scottish Child Payment; fair funding for the third sector; housing; transport; and the implementation of the Minimum Income Guarantee.

Our briefing in advance of the Scottish Government Budget 2024-25 builds on that joint call for action, and shows how we can invest in the future for a stronger Scotland, free from the injustice of poverty.

You can read the briefing in the window below, or download it from here.

Poverty Alliance briefing for the Scottish Government's Budget - November 2023 (1)

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