Blog: When we return to normality, this can’t mean business as usual

Director of Poverty Alliance, Peter Kelly, reflects on what our response to the pandemic has shown us about our shared values and – crucially – the action we need to take to ensure these values are reflected in the design of our economy.  We are living through extraordinary times. Whilst a palpable sense of fear … Read more

Annual poverty stats show one in five in poverty before Corona hit

Scottish Government’s annual poverty stats: Poverty Alliance comment Responding to the release today of the Scottish Government’s Poverty and Income Inequality in Scotland: 2016 – 2019, Director of Poverty Alliance, Peter Kelly said: “Today’s figures paint a shocking picture of poverty in Scotland, with one in five people living in poverty even before Covid-19 hit. The figures also show … Read more

Poverty Alliance responds to new UK Government measures

Responding to measures announced by the UK Government today on jobs and social security, Peter Kelly (Director, Poverty Alliance) said: “As the Chancellor said this afternoon we are in unprecedented times, and we require measures that respond in kind. We require a compassionate and bold response to the crisis that is unfolding as a result … Read more

Coronavirus and poverty: Poverty Alliance response

Times of crisis hold a mirror up to our society. In the last fortnight we have seen that our sense of compassion is alive and well as people rush to volunteer, donate, and protect neighbours and loved ones. Our country is a compassionate one; we care about each other and want to protect each other … Read more

Poverty Alliance welcomes new measures to protect communities

Poverty Alliance welcomes new Scottish Government COVID-19 measures Responding to the Scottish Government’s announcement of a series of measures  – including a £45 million investment in the Scottish Welfare Fund – aimed at protecting communities from the social and economic impact of COVID-19, Peter Kelly (Director, Poverty Alliance) said: “Our country is compassionate; we care … Read more

UK Budget fails to deliver on promise to “level up”

Responding to the UK Budget, Peter Kelly, Director of Poverty Alliance said: “While we welcome the measures designed to cushion people from the impact of coronavirus, and the minor adjustment to Universal Credit, this does not amount to a budget to “level up” the UK. “Coronavirus has shone a light on the precarity at the … Read more

A budget to “level up” our economy?

The Prime Minister has asserted that the days of austerity policies will soon be over and that the UK Government will pursue an agenda of ‘levelling up’ our economy and society. To make this a reality, tomorrow’s Budget must put tackling poverty at its heart. Below are some of the key actions the Chancellor can … Read more

Response to extension of statutory sick pay

Responding to the UK Government announcement that statutory sick pay will be available to workers self-isolating from the Corona virus from their first day off, Peter Kelly, Director of Poverty Alliance said: “While we welcome the much needed extension of statutory sick pay, this will not be enough to protect workers who may need to … Read more

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