Poverty Alliance welcomes new measures to protect communities

Poverty Alliance welcomes new Scottish Government COVID-19 measures

Responding to the Scottish Government’s announcement of a series of measures  – including a £45 million investment in the Scottish Welfare Fund – aimed at protecting communities from the social and economic impact of COVID-19, Peter Kelly (Director, Poverty Alliance) said:

“Our country is compassionate; we care about each other and want to protect one another from harm. For people living on low incomes these are especially worrying times. Health concerns are made worse by financial vulnerability. So the Scottish Government’s measures announced today by Aileen Campbell in response to Coronavirus are most welcome and make real our commitment to caring for one another.

In particular, the investment in the Scottish Welfare Fund will provide a lifeline for families struggling to stay afloat in the difficult times ahead. With so many unknowns about what is to come, we need keep close watch on the impact of these measures and what more can be done to support people and communities through this period.

The coming weeks and months will bring great challenges. Throughout this, the Poverty Alliance will continue to work with the Scottish Government, local authorities, civil society and community activists to ensure that our responses are equal to those challenges.””


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