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Research: ‘The life of Glasgow pigeons is more certain’

‘The life of Glasgow pigeons is more certain’ People seeking asylum are known to experience high rates of depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. This research highlights experiences of mental health and wellbeing of people who are – or who have – navigated the asylum process in the UK. Using a participatory research approach underpinned … Read more

First Minister Humza Yousaf at anti-poverty summit April 2023 (c) The Scottish Government

Fighting poverty needs strong public investment through tax

Reacting to the publication of the Scottish Government’s Medium-Term Financial Strategy today, Ruth Boyle, Policy & Campaigns Manager at the Poverty Alliance, said: “We know that more people across Scotland are being trapped in the grip of unjust poverty. Our government has a moral responsibility to help those people, and now is not the time … Read more

Diabetes UK Tech Can't Wait campaigner Shelley Murray

Guest blog: Diabetes tech can’t wait

Angela Mitchell,National Director, Diabetes Scotland Join the ‘Tech Can’t Wait’ campaign! People living in poverty face a potential triple burden from diabetes. Firstly, they are more likely to develop type 2 and gestational diabetes than those on higher incomes. Secondly, if they do have diabetes, they are more likely to experience difficulties accessing healthcare services. … Read more

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Guest blog: Reducing anxiety has to mean reducing poverty

Shari McDaid,Head of Policy & Public Affairs (Scotland),Mental Health Foundation Click here for more information about anxiety and how to get support How could tackling the injustice of poverty help reduce levels of anxiety in Scotland? It’s a good time to ask, because ‘anxiety’ is the theme of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week taking … Read more

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Consultation response: Community Wealth Building

The Community Wealth Building (CWB).approach to economic development has the potential to advance a more equal Scotland, embedding our shared values of justice and compassion to tackle inequality at the local level. Examples of CWB models from Scotland, including North Ayrshire, and globally, including Cleveland, highlight that this approach can enable communities to be more … Read more

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Community Wealth Building must have people at its heart

David EyreCommunications Officer, Poverty Alliance The injustice of poverty in wealthy Scotland shows that our economy is simply not working for everyone. Too many people, including 250,000 children, continue to have their health, wellbeing, and life chances restricted by poverty. The distribution of wealth in Scotland also remains vastly unequal, with Scotland’s richest 10% of … Read more

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Consultation response: Adequacy of benefits

A functioning social security system provides people with an anchor to protect them from being swept into poverty. A fundamental principle of this approach is that the level of financial support awarded to households must provide enough to cover essential needs and allow a life of dignity. Our current social security system is failing on … Read more

Asylum seeker rights in action research briefing

‘Education is supposed to be free for all’ – Research briefing

In Scotland, we believe that asylum seekers are currently being denied their right to education. Here we share the experiences of asylum seekers calling for an education system that provides a ladder of hope to build a brighter future. This research was carried out as part of the Rights in Action project being conducted by … Read more

Asylum seeker rights in action research briefing

Asylum seekers denied their full rights to education in Scotland

New research says that Scotland is robbing people in the asylum system of dignity and respect by failing to offer them equal access to further and higher education. Research – supported by the Poverty Alliance – has uncovered first-hand evidence of the devastating barriers faced by those seeking asylum when it comes to accessing university … Read more

End Poverty Edinburgh at the First Minister’s anti-poverty summit

Linda Craik, End Poverty Edinburgh Linda Craik is a member of End Poverty Edinburgh, an independent group of citizens supported by the Poverty Alliance to raise awareness of poverty in Edinburgh, influence decision making and hold the city to account. She addressed the First Minister’s anti-poverty summit on 3 May 2023. Listen to Heather Pugh … Read more

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