Fighting poverty needs strong public investment through tax

Reacting to the publication of the Scottish Government’s Medium-Term Financial Strategy today, Ruth Boyle, Policy & Campaigns Manager at the Poverty Alliance, said: “We know that more people across Scotland are being trapped in the grip of unjust poverty. Our government has a moral responsibility to help those people, and now is not the time for half measures or a lack of courage.

“We know from the Scottish Social Attitudes Survey that nearly two-thirds of people support stronger public investment through increased taxation. And we know from research by the STUC that the Scottish Government could raise hundreds of millions of pounds in extra investment through tax on higher incomes.

“The First Minister said his top priority was tackling poverty. If he’s serious about that ambition, he must take action to strengthen our social security and repair the public services that we all rely on, but which are a lifeline for so many people on low incomes.”

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