‘Education is supposed to be free for all’ – Research briefing

In Scotland, we believe that asylum seekers are currently being denied their right to education. Here we share the experiences of asylum
seekers calling for an education system that provides a ladder of hope to build a brighter future.

This research was carried out as part of the Rights in Action project being conducted by the Poverty Alliance. Rights in Action is working with communities across Scotland to raise awareness of how human rights can be used as a tool in the fight against poverty, to increase their capacity to address human rights issues and create a supportive community of practice and to support participatory research projects on human rights issues in Scotland.

As part of Rights in Action, the Poverty Alliance have worked with a group of four community researchers with experience of the asylum system on a participatory research project examining barriers to education faced by asylum seekers in Scotland.

We would like to thank the participants who took carried out this research for their time and for sharing their experiences and knowledge.
Rights in Action is funded by the Scottish Government's Equality and Human Rights Fund managed and supported by Inspiring Scotland.

You can download the research briefing from here, or read it in the window below.

Asylum Seekers Right to Education Briefing

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