Scottish anti-poverty charities back tax calls ahead of Scottish Budget

Two leading Scottish anti-poverty charities have welcomed a new report by the Scottish Trades Unions Congress, which outlines how the Scottish Government could raise up to £3.7 billion more per year from progressive tax changes.

Jamie Livingstone, Head of Oxfam Scotland, said: “The Scottish Government faces difficult choices in the upcoming Scottish Budget, however, this report proves there are multiple common-sense options, both next year and soon after, which Ministers could use to fairly fund action to tackle poverty, invest in care, and to confront the climate crisis, while simultaneously narrowing the gap between rich and poor. Courageous, forward-thinking leadership on fair tax reform to protect and boost public investment is the blueprint for the fairer, greener, more equal Scotland we all want to live in.”

Responding to the report, Peter Kelly, director of The Poverty Alliance, said: “The foundation of our society and our economy is the public good we’ve created together. Our politicians know there is a huge hole in the Scottish Budget which undermines that foundation and people’s freedom to prosper, but so far none of them has come up with a plan to fill it. That’s irresponsible.

“We strongly welcome today’s STUC report. Their research clearly sets out how the Scottish Parliament can act responsibly, and repair the foundations of our society using its powers over taxation and social investment.

“We hope that the Scottish Government properly considers these options ahead of this month’s Budget.”

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