‘We can’t tackle drugs deaths without tackling poverty’

The Poverty Alliance has issued a statement reacting to the publication of new figures on drugs deaths in Scotland.

Peter Kelly, director of the Poverty Alliance, said: “There is little good news in these figures. The current level of drug deaths in Scotland remains entirely unacceptable. In a just Scotland, no-one would lose their life to drug addiction and everyone would have quick and efficient access to addiction treatment that works for them.

“Drug use is closely linked to poverty. People living in the most deprived communities in Scotland are around 18 times more likely to experience problem drug use,  compared to people in the least deprived communities. We can’t tackle drug deaths without tackling poverty.

“That means redesigning our economy so that people are able to access decent work, and investing in our social security system and public services, so that people have the income they need to live in dignity and security.

“We need to invest in the treatment services so too few people can access at the moment. Above all, we need to treat people with dignity, respect and compassion if we are to make real progress in tackling Scotland’s drug deaths scandal.”


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