Briefing: International Women’s Day 2024

Infographics for #ChallengePoverty Week 2023, created by Engender Scotland.

Our briefing for MSPs on International Women's Day 2024 underlines the fundamental injustices facing women in Scotland when it comes to poverty and low incomes.

Poverty in Scotland is gendered. Women are more likely to be living in poverty and find it harder to escape poverty. Women’s poverty is caused, and sustained, by a range of factors including women continuing to have lower levels of savings and wealth than men; being more likely to be in low-paid and part-time work; and facing barriers to increasing their working hours and earnings as a result of their caring responsibilities and wider unpaid labour in the home. Women account for 90% of single parents and are more likely to be primary caregivers. Women’s poverty is therefore inextricably interlinked with child poverty, making action to tackle women’s financial insecurity critical to meeting Scotland’s child poverty targets.

We're also highlighting a series of infographics created by Engendered for #ChallengePoverty Week in 2023.

Read the briefing in the window below, or click here to download it.

Poverty Alliance briefing for International Women's Day 2024

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