Blog: A Minimum Income Guarantee would ensure disabled people like me can take part in society, Amanda Foster

 Amanda Foster, Community Activist with Poverty Alliance, argues that by introducing a Minimum Income Guarantee, the Scottish Government could ensure that disabled people like her have what they need to live full and dignified lives.  This article was originally published in The Herald. In our society, we all believe that everyone should be able to … Read more

BLOG: Funding the fight against poverty

After a fraught week for many community and voluntary organisations in Glasgow, Peter Kelly (Director of the Poverty Alliance) reflects on what it means for the fight against poverty in the city and elsewhere. Glasgow is known for many things; its vibrant music and arts scene, its beautiful green spaces, perhaps even the economic transformation … Read more

Blog: 5 things I learned from Get Heard Scotland

Twimukye Macline Mushaka, Senior Fieldwork Officer at Poverty Alliance, reflects on the things she learned from talking to different people across Scotland as part of the Get Heard Scotland project. Her blog comes ahead of  the publication of the full Get Heard Scotland report later this month. While all of these sessions were undertaken before … Read more

Blog: When we return to normality, this can’t mean business as usual

Director of Poverty Alliance, Peter Kelly, reflects on what our response to the pandemic has shown us about our shared values and – crucially – the action we need to take to ensure these values are reflected in the design of our economy.  We are living through extraordinary times. Whilst a palpable sense of fear … Read more

Guest blog: Climate, class and the radical action we need

Francis Stuart is Policy Officer at the STUC. Here, he writes on the case for – in the absence of meaningful climate justice policies being developed by national governments – more bold and radical action from wider civil society. The UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, Philip Alston, knows a thing or … Read more

Blog: Poverty is the root of Scotland’s fatal drug overdose crisis

Dave Liddell, Chief Executive of Scottish Drugs Forum, discusses the links between poverty and drugs and what more we can do to stop the increase in fatal overdoses. Scotland has almost 60,000 people with a drug problem.  That is a higher proportion of the population than any country in Europe; and our fatal drug overdose … Read more

BLOG: Transport and poverty: making the connection

The right to work, the right to health, the right to education, the right to cultural life, and the right to an adequate standard of living; these are the inalienable rights we all share. Yet too often, the rights of people on low incomes are not fully realised because of unaffordable, unavailable and inaccessible transport … Read more

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