MSPs supporting Challenge Poverty Week 2023

Blog: pride in pushing to turn compassion and justice into concrete action

Ruth Boyle,Policy & Campaigns Manager,The Poverty Alliance As Challenge Poverty Week comes to an end, with a weekend of rest and reflection, I think the anti-poverty movement can take pride in shining a light on the injustice of poverty in wealthy Scotland. We know in the current climate, our members often feel like they are … Read more

Guest blog: Supporting Scottish consumers in the communications and energy sectors

The Trust Alliance At Trust Alliance Group, formerly Ombudsman Services, we’re here to build and maintain trust between consumers and suppliers in the Energy and Communications sectors. Our services are available across the UK, but we’ve found that Scottish consumers  aren’t as familiar with what we can offer. As part of Challenge Poverty Week, we’re … Read more

A stock photo of a group of older people enjoying a walk.

Guest blog: shedding light on the impact of poverty on older Scots

Age Scotland Challenge Poverty Week, running this year from 2nd to 8th October, sees organisations and groups from across Scotland come together to highlight that poverty is a problem we can solve, and to showcase solutions we can all get behind. This year, Age Scotland was pleased to be involved in the short life working … Read more


Guest blog: A Scotland where no-one goes hungry

Cara Hillton, Senior Policy & Public Affairs Manager, The Trussell Trust I love food and spend a lot of time planning out meals, trying out new recipes, watching cookery programmes and generally thinking about what I’ll be eating next! On my holidays, one of the highlights is visiting local supermarkets and cooking local produce. I … Read more

The Larder, West Lothian

Guest Blog: Stories that should not be happening in 21st century Scotland

Angela Moohan, Chief Executive, The Larder After shouting and screaming at the reception staff the young man walked outside and started banging his head off a wall, he was frantic, screaming loudly and crying.   Many people looked on, made their judgements and walked away in disgust. Not our Bonnie! She approached the man, by showing … Read more


Guest blog: A Strong Start to The Day – The Power Of A School Breakfast

Finlay Allmond, Scotland Policy and Public Affairs Manager, Magic Breakfast Every year at Magic Breakfast we ask teachers at our schools to tell us their stories of the impact they see from breakfast. One of those is about a teenager that we will call Austin. Austin is the middle child of five in a single … Read more


Guest blog: Menu for All – Joining Food and Support Access

Brenda Black,Chief Executive,Edinburgh Community Food Over the Summer, I saw a news report about Anita Alvarez, a swimmer who injured herself during World Championships after she struck the bottom of the pool and lost consciousness.   Her coach realised something was wrong within seconds and dived in, saving Anita’s life, and preventing serious disability.  It struck … Read more

A stock photo of a family out cycling

Guest blog: Cycling helps tackle poverty – here’s how

Suzanne Forup,Head of Development for Scotland, Cycling UK Cycling helps tackle poverty – here’s how Despite the recent falls in inflation, the cost-of-living crisis has not gone away and many families in Scotland are struggling with hard decisions on how to manage on fixed, limited incomes. Around 21% of Scotland’s population live in relative poverty, … Read more

A stock photo of a bike and fishing boats representing rural Scotland.

Blog: Together, we can challenge the injustice of rural poverty in Scotland

Ralph Hartley,Policy Officer,The Poverty Alliance This year the Cross Party Group on Poverty in the Scottish Parliament has been undertaking an inquiry into poverty in rural Scotland. The inquiry will publish its final report in early 2024, but after three sessions we have already heard clearly that the continuing injustice of poverty in Scotland, exacerbated … Read more

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