Blog: Tackling poverty & lived experience

Sarah Stocks, of Northern Star Associates, was commissioned by the Poverty Alliance – as part of the Get Heard Scotland initiative – to collate learning and practical approaches to include people with lived experience of poverty in local policy development. Here, she writes on the key insights contained in the resultant report: The people who … Read more

Blog: Alex Cole-Hamilton, Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats

On a visit to a practice in Muirhouse last year, I was asked if I could estimate how many dementia patients they had on the books. Muirhouse Medical serves over 17,000 patients it’s striking to learn that those with dementia number fewer than 100. The reason for this comes down to poverty. The harsh reality is that people there are … Read more

Challenge Poverty Week: Voices across Scotland to unite in support of action to loosen the grip of poverty 

Challenge Poverty Week – coordinated by the Poverty Alliance and supported by organisations from every major sector in Scotland – takes place this week at a time of growing hardship across Scotland.  Starting on Monday 4th October and running until Sunday 10th October, hundreds of organisations from across Scotland will come together – through holding events, activities, and actions – to raise their … Read more

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