Get Heard! – Media training for activists

10am – 4pm, Saturday 17 Sep 2022

The Wild Olive Tree Café

St George’s Tron Church of Scotland

163 Buchanan St, Glasgow G1 2JX

The Poverty Alliance is offering free communications training to activists who have experience of living on a low income and who want to share their stories in the news media.

We will work with you to carry out a piece of communications work around #ChallengePoverty Week from 3 – 9 October. We will then provide ongoing support, building a network of activists who have the skills and confidence to share their stories with journalists.

The course will cover:

Framing poverty to win hearts and minds

We’ll present findings from research on public attitudes towards poverty and share ways you can talk about problems and solutions that have been proven to resonate even with people who don’t agree with you.

Introduction to the media

We’ll provide an overview of how the media works and the range of media and communications work we can support you to undertake. We’ll cover the factors that you should consider when working with the media and help you start thinking about what you might like to try.

Speaking from your own experience

You’ll share the issues and policy solutions you want to talk about, based on your own experience. From this you’ll develop your story and turn it into key messages which you’ll use for any media work. You’ll also start to think about the kinds of media or communications work you might like to do.

Putting it into practice

We’ll undertake practice interviews/draft articles/record video clips based on what group members have identified they’d like to do. If you choose to undertake media engagements these will be arranged in October, depending on your availability.

Space on the course is limited, and we are looking for people with a real desire to use their voice in the news media. Please register using the form below. If you can’t attend on Saturday 17 September but are still interested in becoming a media activist, please give us your details and tick the box to register interest in online training sessions.

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