People studying at college or university.

Breaking the barriers to higher education for asylum seekers

As part of our Rights in Action project, we worked with community researchers to explore how they could use their human rights to push for change. In this guest blog, one of the researchers talks about breaking barriers that asylum seekers and refugees face when it comes to getting access to higher education in Scotland. … Read more

Lydia Murphy of the Poverty Alliance hosing a Rights In Action workshop.

Governments must keep their human rights promises

Lydia MurphyDevelopment Officer, Poverty Alliance At the Poverty Alliance, we believe that poverty is a denial of fundamental human rights. Our Rights in Action project aims to raise awareness of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and how they can be used as a tool to fight against poverty. Economic, social and cultural rights are those … Read more

Poverty is a human rights failure

Rights in Action: Why are we thinking about poverty and human rights? 

At the Poverty Alliance, we have long favoured taking a human rights approach to our anti-poverty work.  Fundamentally, human rights are about ensuring that we are all able to lead dignified lives. Poverty can strip people of their dignity and is a human rights failure, stopping people from being able to access their human rights.  … Read more

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