UK Government refuses to disclose analysis of Brexit’s impact on poverty

Last month, The Poverty Alliance submitted a number of questions to the UK Government about the effect of Brexit on people who are struggling financially. Under freedom of information legislation, we asked the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), Treasury and Department for Exiting the EU for any impact assessments or analyses of Brexit on poverty, inequality and on those on low incomes. The same question was asked in relation to wages, employment and the cost of living.

In response, the DWP confirmed holding some of the information, but claimed that an exemption under the FOI law meant they did not have to hand over the figures. Officials claimed the public interest would not be served by disclosure.

Responding, Peter Kelly, Director of the Poverty Alliance said: “The UK Government’s failure to disclose the analysis they’ve undertaken on Brexit’s impact on poverty is alarming. We’re a society that believes in justice and compassion, and it is clearly in the public interest to know whether Brexit – especially a no-deal Brexit – will inflict harm upon people already struggling to get by.

“The UK Government must fully disclose this analysis, and think carefully about pursuing any Brexit scenario that pulls people even deeper into poverty.”


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