The Poverty Alliance responds to General Election result

Responding to the result of yesterday’s General Election, Director of the Poverty Alliance, Peter Kelly said:

“The General Election took place against a background of a rising tide of poverty, with more​ and more people struggling to keep their heads above water.  Predictions prior to the election suggested that the number of children being swept into poverty could reach a historic high. 1

“The new Conservative Government has stated that austerity is coming to an end. But analysis by the Resolution Foundation prior to the election found that the Conservative manifesto plans for social security ​could lead to record levels of child poverty. We need a social security system that unlocks people from poverty. We need a labour market that provides decent and secure work. ​And we need public services that are there for everyone. We simply cannot go on the way we are.

“The lives and life chances of millions of people across Scotland depend on the new Government charting a different course. For the anti-poverty movement the need for change is as clear as ever. The coming years will bring challenges, but we and the wider movement in Scotland must remain resolute and work together to realise a Scotland where poverty no longer holds people in its grip.”


For media enquiries contact Frances Rayner on 07776 527 839


  1. Resolution Foundation analysis of party manifestos’ potential impact on poverty
  2. The Poverty Alliance is Scotland’s anti poverty network. We bring together campaigners, communities and policy makers to loosen the grip of poverty in Scotland

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