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Briefing: Ministerial statement on Tackling Child Poverty Delivery Plan

This is our briefing in advance of a Ministerial statement on progress in the Tackling Child Poverty Delivery Plan. The cost of living crisis is far from over and will continue to have far-reaching implications for families across Scotland. Stubbornly high energy and food costs coupled with a growing debt crisis threatens to undo much … Read more

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Briefing: Cost of Living and Child Poverty

Ahead of a Scottish Parliament debate on Supporting Scotland with Cost of Living and Reducing Child Poverty, we sent MSPs and ministers a briefing with eight key action points. You can download the briefing from here or read it in the window below. Cost of Living and Child Poverty – Scottish Government Debate

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Briefing: First Minister’s statement of priorities

On Tuesday 18 March 2023, First Minister Humza Yousaf will make a statement in the Scottish Parliament about his priorities for government. The Poverty Alliance has prepared a briefing for ministers and MSPs in advance of the statement, setting out the policy priorities Scotland needs to tackle poverty and inequality. You can download the briefing … Read more

International Women's Day 2023

Poverty Alliance briefing for International Women’s Day – March 2023

This year the theme for International Women’s Day is embracing equity to build a more diverse, equitable and inclusive society. Realising women’s social and economic rights through action to tackle poverty and financial insecurity must be a core aspect of this ambition. This briefing provides an overview of the gendered nature of poverty in Scotland. … Read more

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Briefing: Childcare in Scotland

Our briefing to MSPs in advance of a Scottish Parliament Members’ Business debate on the future of childcare in Scotland. Download the briefing here or read it in the window below. Poverty-Alliance-briefing-for-the-Future-of-Childcare-Debate-25th-January

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Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

This briefing was created for the Scottish Parliament’s Social Justice and Social Security Committee Chamber debate on its report Robbing Peter to Pay Paul: Low Income and the Debt Trap.  

Women s Experience of the Cost of Living Crisis - Research Briefing

’I don’t live. I survive.‘

This briefing shares the experiences of women in Scotland affected by the cost-of-living crisis. This joint project conducted by the Poverty Alliance and the Scottish Women’s Budget Group, is exploring women’s experiences over a three-month period from August to October 2022. Ahead of the Scottish Government’s Emergency Budget Review this interim briefing highlights emerging findings … Read more

Rights in Action Literature Review

Part of our Rights in Action project, our research team set out to explore the understanding and awareness of economic, social and cultural rights amongst marginalised communities in Scotland and to examine how organisations in Scotland have adopted human rights-based approaches.

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