Poverty Alliance responds to Scottish Government budget

Responding to the Scottish Government’s budget, which was published today, Peter Kelly (Director, Poverty Alliance), said:

“Today’s Scottish Government budget contains a number of welcome commitments. Doubling the Scottish Child Payment from April, as we and so many others across Scotland campaigned hard for, will help stem the rising tide of poverty across the country. Introducing free bus travel for young people under 22 is also a positive step toward a transport system that can tackle inequality. 

But with over one million people in Scotland living in the grip of poverty, it is clear that we cannot let up. In 2022 we must see these actions built upon, with further steps taken to build a Scottish social security system that unlocks people from poverty. We must also go further in redesigning our public services, like by extending free bus travel available to all under 25s and to everyone on low incomes.”

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