Politicians have a moral responsibility to scrap unjust child-limits

Reacting to a speech by Keir Starmer MP today, Poverty Alliance director Peter Kelly said: “We need governments that believe in justice and compassion, and who are committed to tackling the human misery being caused by inadequate incomes in Scotland and across the UK.

“We are pleased that Labour have recognised the importance of taking action to tackle child poverty, including a commitment to setting up a cross government task force on the issue. But, with one in three children in Scotland living in poverty, there is also a need for immediate action. They cannot wait.

“All politicians can pledge to renew and restore the social security system that is there for all of us, and which is a lifeline for people on the lowest incomes. That means scrapping the two-child limit, which robs households of money they desperately need and that they are entitled to, along with the immoral and ineffective regime of sanctions and benefit caps.

“Our politicians have a moral responsibility to look out for people. They must fulfil that responsibility.”

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