News: Broken climate pledges undermine trust in democracy and will hit poorest hardest

Responding to an announcement by the Scottish Government on its climate emission targets, Peter Kelly, Director of The Poverty Alliance, said: “Democracy relies on political leaders keeping their promises to the people. Today’s announcement will undermine trust in the Scottish Government, and we call on all MSPs to carry out their duty to hold ministers to account and keep our climate pledges.

“From rising food and fuel costs, to homes that can’t withstand extreme weather, and increased health risks – global warming hits poorer people the hardest.

“For years we have been calling on ministers to budget for a better future, raising the investment we need to make Scotland’s homes warm and energy efficient, to make public transport affordable and accessible, and to create new jobs in a net zero economy. Those calls have too often fallen on deaf ears.

“Scotland is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, and we can unlock that wealth for the public good, making rhetoric about climate justice and poverty a reality and building a better future for people here and around the world.”

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