New poverty figures highlight ‘unjust’ benefit cut

Reacting to the publication of new statistics on poverty in Scotland and across the UK, Poverty Alliance director Peter Kelly said:

“In a compassionate society like ours, we believe in looking after one another and protecting each other from harm. But these new figures show that we are failing to put that compassion into practice.

“When the Chancellor raised Universal Credit by £20 a week, he lifted 400,000 children across the UK out of poverty. But when he cut that £20 lifeline, many of those children and their families will have been pulled back into poverty’s grip. It was an unjust and scandalous decision then, and its impact on people’s lives is becoming even clearer now.

“The Scottish Government’s actions to increase the Scottish Child Payment show what can be done when we make our compassion concrete and is a good example to build on. We need to make sure that the money gets to the people who need it, as soon as possible, and that wider action on transport, childcare and housing all ramp up in ambition to help us meet our child poverty targets.”

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