‘Stable’ poverty rates are nothing to celebrate

Listen to our Ruth Boyle commenting on
today's Scottish poverty figures

Commenting on today’s release of estimates of Poverty and Income Inequality in Scotland 2019-22, Poverty Alliance Policy & Campaigns Manager Ruth Boyle said:

“The injustice of poverty is continuing to impact the life chances, health and wellbeing of too many people across Scotland. ‘Stable’ poverty rates are nothing to celebrate, especially when these figures don’t cover the full impact of the cost of living crisis.

“During the pandemic, we came together and said that we wouldn’t go back to the way things were before. But these figures show that we have continued to allow pervasive poverty in Scotland.

“The UK Government has the biggest levers to change this. They can increase Universal Credit so it allows people to live with dignity, end the cruel and ineffective sanctions regime, scrap the unjust benefits cap, and remove the two child limit.

“But the next First Minister also has a responsibility to turn compassion and justice into concrete action. They must take further action to meet our child poverty targets. They can expand funded childcare, make school meals free for every child, increase the Scottish Child Payment, and strengthen the public services that we all rely on, so that they work as an essential lifeline for people on the lowest incomes.”

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