Consultation response: Scotland’s National Outcomes

A just and compassionate Scotland is one that recognises the wellbeing of all its citizens as central to a successful nation.

We’ve made progress in bringing that message into Government in recent years – and we now have a Cabinet Minister for a Wellbeing Economy.

But to really build an economy that is focused on people’s wellbeing, we need to be clear about how we’re going to get there. And to do that, we need to strengthen Scotland’s National Outcomes.

The Scottish Government is consulting about the future shape of the National Outcomes. In our response, we said we believed all of the existing outcomes should be kept – especially the outcome on tackling poverty.

But we think the Government can go further towards building a better, more just Scotland with two new outcomes, on housing, and on the needs of people who care for others.

Read our response in the window below, or download it from here.

Response: Scotland's National Outcomes

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