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Poverty Alliance Webinar Series: Build Back Better

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic is having a profound impact on our economy and society, as well as our health. Unemployment has already started to increase, key sectors of our economy are at risk and our social security system has been unable to provide the support that many people need. At the same time we have seen displays of genuine compassion and solidarity across our communities for those affected but the pandemic, from action to support people who are sick or isolating, to a new found respect for key workers.

As we look forward to moving out of lock down many people are asking what kind of country will emerge. The Poverty Alliance is clear that the previous patterns of poverty and inequality are not ones that should be accepted post Covid-19. Like others, we have been making the call to ‘Build Back Better’. But what does ‘better’ mean in practice, and how best to achieve it?

To answer these questions we are organising a series of webinars to help discuss key questions and to identify what needs to change in the medium and long term. These seminars will bring together speakers from a wide range of experiences and backgrounds to share their ideas and to help us contribute to creating a better society out of this crisis.

Build Back Better Webinar 1: Poverty, Health and Covid-19: Emerging Lessons in Scotland

Our speakers for this webinar were:

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Build Back Webinar 2: Returning to Work: Addressing Unemployment after Covid-19

June 11th 2020 at 11.30am

Our next webinar in our Build Back Better series will look at the how we go about addressing unemployment that is starting to emerge as a result of the measure to contain the coronavirus. During the webinar we will hear about the impact that is being felt by different groups of workers – women, young workers, people from BAME communities, and the sectors that will be most impacted. Crucially, we will discuss what are the actions that can be taken now to ensure that the impact on employment is reduced and that the policies are put in place to address long term unemployment.

Our speakers will be:

  • Kathleen Henehan, Research and Policy Analyst, Resolution Foundation
  • Anna Ritchie-Allan, Executive Director, Close the Gap
  • Tony Wilson, Director, Institute for Employment Studies

The webinar will be chaired by Peter Kelly, Director of the Poverty Alliance

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Poverty Awareness Training

This half-day course is designed for people who would like to have a better understanding of poverty issues and want to identify ways in which they could engage more effectively with individuals and communities facing poverty and social exclusion.

Poverty Awareness Training is delivered by experienced Poverty Alliance fieldworkers who will draw on their in-depth knowledge and direct experience of working with individuals and groups who are experiencing poverty.

Course Aims:

  • To increase participants knowledge and understanding of the relationship between poverty and inequality and how poverty impacts on individuals lives; with specific reference to stigma and low pay in Scotland.
  • To enable participants to identify ways in which they can provide an effective service to people who experience poverty.

At the end of this half-day course participants will;

  • Have an understanding of the nature, roots and causes of poverty and what poverty means to those experiencing it. Examples will be drawn from our experiences on tackling poverty.
  • Have an understanding of the relationship between inequality and poverty for example how it interacts with protected characteristics.
  • Be aware of ways in which common prejudices and stereotypes can lead to discrimination and the unfair treatment of people experiencing poverty.
  • Have identified changes and improvements which can be made to work practices to improve service delivery.

To commission the training or for more information please contact Robin Tennant, Fieldwork Manager,

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