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Poverty Alliance Webinar Series: Build Back Better

The ongoing pandemic is having a profound impact on our economy and society, as well as our health. As we plan our recovery, we must redesign our economy so that we all have enough. Like others, we have been making the call to ‘Build Back Better’. But what does ‘better’ mean in practice, and how can we achieve it?

To answer these questions we are organising a series of webinars to discuss key questions and to identify what needs to change in the medium and long term. These seminars will bring together speakers from a wide range of experiences and backgrounds to share their ideas and to help us contribute to creating a better society out of this crisis.

Build Back Better Webinar 1: Poverty, Health and Covid-19: Emerging Lessons in Scotland

Our speakers for this webinar were:

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Build Back Webinar 2: Returning to Work: Addressing Unemployment after Covid-19

June 11th 2020

Our speakers for this webinar were:

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Build Back Webinar 3: Disability, Rights and Covid-19: Learning for the Future

June 22nd 2020

Our speakers for this webinar were:

  • Chloe Trew, Participation Officer, Scottish Human Rights Commission
  • Tressa Burke, Director, Glasgow Disability Alliance
  • Dr Sally Witcher, Chief Executive Officer, Inclusion Scotland

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Build Back Webinar 4: Getting Back on Track? Priorities for Scottish social security after covid-19

27 July 2pm-3.30pm

Please note that webinar is available only to Poverty Alliance members

Our next webinar in our Build Back Better series will look at the how Scottish social security system can help in the process of building back better. Over the last few years the first tentative steps have been taken in the creation of a distinctive new social security system in Scotland. We have seen the introduction of Carers Allowance Supplement, the new Best Start Grant and Funeral Support. Covid-19 has meant that some of the next big steps, including the Scottish Child Payment and the new Disability Assistance payment to replace PIP have been delayed. This webinar will be an opportunity for Poverty Alliance members to hear more about how these delays are impacting and how we can ensure that we use our social security powers to their full extent in the process of social and economic renewal.

Our speakers will be:

  • Jen Gracie, Policy and Parliamentary Officer, Child Poverty Action Group Scotland
  • Mhoraig Green, Strategic Lead for Social Justice, Citizens Advice Scotland
  • Shaben Begum, Director, Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance

The webinar will be chaired by Peter Kelly, Director of the Poverty Alliance. The webinar will also include breakout sessions to allow Poverty Alliance members to discuss key social security priorities.

Please note that places are limited.

Poverty Alliance members contact Sinead Browne to register.

Poverty Awareness Training

This half-day course is designed for people who would like to have a better understanding of poverty issues and want to identify ways in which they could engage more effectively with individuals and communities facing poverty and social exclusion.

Poverty Awareness Training is delivered by experienced Poverty Alliance fieldworkers who will draw on their in-depth knowledge and direct experience of working with individuals and groups who are experiencing poverty.

At the end of this half-day course participants will;

  • Have an understanding of the nature, roots and causes of poverty and what poverty means to those experiencing it. Examples will be drawn from our experiences on tackling poverty.
  • Have an understanding of the relationship between inequality and poverty for example how it interacts with protected characteristics.
  • Be aware of ways in which common prejudices and stereotypes can lead to discrimination and the unfair treatment of people experiencing poverty.
  • Have identified changes and improvements which can be made to work practices to improve service delivery.

To commission the training or for more information please contact Robin Tennant, Fieldwork Manager,

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