Local Council Elections 2022 Manifesto

Poverty Alliance Local Elections Manifesto 2022


In a country full of compassion, poverty is rightly seen as an injustice. But it’s an injustice we can put right.

At a time when so many people are being pushed into poverty, May’s local authority elections come at a critical moment. People living on low incomes in Scotland need councillors and councils that will prioritise the actions that will stem the rising tide of poverty, and that will use local powers to strengthen and empower communities to take action themselves.

Our Local Elections 2022 Manifesto is full of ideas on how councillors can make that happen. Here is our news release about its launch.

We urge all council candidates to sign our anti-poverty pledge by completing the form below, and by using the image below on their websites and social media channels. Right click and ‘Save Image As…’ or ‘Save As’ to save the image to your own computer.

Local Council Elections 2022 Anti Poverty Pledge

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