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Who We Are

The Poverty Alliance is a network of individuals and organisations across Scotland working together to combat poverty.

What we believe

Our vision is of a sustainable Scotland based on social and economic justice, with dignity for all, where poverty and inequalities are not tolerated and are challenged. Our aim is to combat poverty by working with others to empower individuals and communities to affect change in the distribution of power and resources.

Our Priorities

We focus our activities in four areas:

  • Tackling low incomes
  • Improving services
  • Supporting participation
  • Influencing attitudes to poverty

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Publications and Reports


The Poverty Alliance have submitted our response to the Scottish Welfare Funds Bill consultation.  We have argued that overall the fund is working well and we hope that the Bill will build on its success. (Sept. 2014)

Scottish Welfare Fund Bill Consultation from the Welfare Reform Committee

This edition looks at the consequences and causes of the growth in food bank use in Scotland. We also consider the evidence emerging from Canada on the increased use of food banks

Responding to the Rise of Food Banks

A Scotland Without Poverty (May 2015)

This new report considers at what people with experience of poverty say would be different in a Scotland without poverty. The report is one of the outputs from a JRF funded project in 2014.

Scotland Without Poverty Report

Making Change Happen: Poverty Alliance Blog

They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery

Wednesday July 22, 2015

They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. But we’re not talking about someone buying the same shoes as you here. What the Government attempted to do in the recent Emergency Budget was to co-opt a social movement, a campaign rooted in the communities and workplaces, and use it to hide the fact that […]

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Reactions to #budget2015

Wednesday July 08, 2015

The UK Government’s emergency budget in July 2015 has provoked a great deal of comment. Changes to Tax Credits, freezing working age welfare benefits and the introduction of a so-called ‘national living wage’ have been just some of the issues that have been raised. Below we gather the comments of some of the leading members […]

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Ten reasons why Iain Duncan Smith is right about child poverty

Friday July 03, 2015

Glasgow Caledonian University’s John McKendrick writes about the new changes to how we measure child poverty… On July 1st 2015, Iain Duncan Smith, the UK Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, gave notice of a “new and strengthened approach to tracking the life chances of Britain’s most disadvantaged children”. Having digested the DWP Press […]

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