Scottish Borders Commission on Poverty


The Scottish Borders Commission on Poverty and Social Exclusion was established in September 2007 to investigate the impact of poverty and social exclusion on people in the Scottish Borders. It was funded by the Scottish Borders Council but was independent of it. To inform its work, the Poverty Alliance was commissioned to carry out qualitative research with people experiencing poverty and social exclusion. The research was carried out by Dr Jan Flaherty.

Around 150 people were involved in the research through focus groups, meetings, one-to-one and telephone interviews. A solutions-focused ‘Getting by, Getting Heard’ discussions event was held on the 15th July at Tweed Horizons and brought together commissioners, advisors, people working in the community across all sectors and people with experience of poverty in the Borders. The key areas that participants wanted to see change take place revolved around the issues of: transport, organisations and service delivery and locally based community initiatives. The research report: (Getting By, Getting Heard – Poverty and Social Exclusion in the Scottish Borders: Listening to the Voices of Experience) is available for download. The final findings of the Commission was launched at an event on 15th December 2008.

To download the Poverty Alliance report click here

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