The EPIC project was one of the biggest, most in depth projects that the Poverty Alliance has organised in recent years. The aim of the project was to demonstrate the value of participatory approaches to anti-poverty policy making in Scotland. The project was funded for four years by the Big Lottery in Scotland, and was launched in January 2009 and was completed in May 2013.

Some of the key elements in the EPIC project included:

  • Setting up a Tackling Poverty Stakeholders Forum that involved people with experience of poverty, officals from local authorities and Scottish Government and representatives from civil society. This group not only fed into the development of national policy, but also created new campaigning activities;
  • A program of particpatory research that worked with a range of groups including young people, ex-offenders and lone parents. The research outcomes were fed into policy making processes at the national and local levels.
  • A series of annual Scottish Assemblies for Tackling Poverty which brought together hundreds of people with experience of poverty, civil society organisations, policy makers and policitians to debate how to make progress in reducing poverty. We are contimnuing to hold annual Assemblies
  • A programme of training for community activists to help them understand poverty and how to campaign for change. 


The project has had a significant legacy on the work of the Poverty Alliance. Full details of the EPIC project can be found at www.povertyalliance.or/epic

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