The RE-InVEST project is a collaboration between a wide range of organisations across Europe who share desire to contribute to an EU that is based on solidary and inclusion, through an inclusive, powerful and effective social investment strategy at EU level. Moreover, the project itself adopts a participative approach that involves the voices of vulnerable groups and civil society organisations.

The project is being co-ordinated by Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium and involves representatives from 13 countries across Europe. The Poverty Alliance is involved in a number of work packages, particularly on particiaptory research, on the social damage of economic crisis and minimum standards in service markets. Our role is to engage people with experience fo poverty in the research process in Scotland. 

Re-InVEST started in March 2015 and will carry on until March 2019. Regular updates and policy papers will be available throughout the project via the project website. For more information visit:


The Poverty Alliance, in partnership with the Scottish Poverty and Inequality Research Unit at Glasgow Caledonian University, held the first of two dissemination events from the ReInvest project on 18 January 2019.  'Social investment and Economic Crisis: What have we learned from 10 years of austerity in the UK and Europe?' brought together researchers involved in the project from Belgium, England and Scotland, along with researchers and policy makers from the UK to discuss the implications of the work for the future of social investment policy in Scotland and the UK. The presentations from the day can be downloaded below.

The Consequences of Social Disinvestment across the EU: What we Have Learned - Professor Ides Nicaise, KU Leuven 

Austerity in the UK: What has been the impact on poverty? - Dr Jim McCormick, Associate Director for Scotland, Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Bearing the Brunt: Reinvest Research findings in the UK:
Professor Michael Lavalette, Liverpool Hope University 
Towards a Wellbeing Economy - Dr Katherine Trebeck, Research Director, Wellbeing Economy Alliance (presentation to follow)

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