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The Poverty Alliance works with a wide range of key networks in Scotland. These may be informal networks, brought together for specific time-limited purposes. We are also involved in long term arrangements with key networks and partners in Scotland. This page lists some of the main networking arrangements we have in place. 


Energy Action Scotland


Energy Action Scotland (EAS) campaigns for an end to fuel poverty in Scotland and is the only national body with this sole remit. Set up as a charity in 1983, EAS seeks to develop and promote effective solutions to the problem of cold, damp and expensive to heat homes.

EAS’s mission statement is to eliminate fuel poverty in Scotland. Its corporate aims are:
  • Raising awareness of fuel poverty, particularly as it affects low income households; maintaining fuel poverty as a national issue of high priority; and working towards affordable warmth for all;

  • Identifying effective solutions which can transform cold, damp houses into warm, dry homes;

  • Researching fuel poverty and related issues in order to provide in-depth understanding of the causes and effects and to promote best practice;

  • Securing public and private investment for domestic energy efficiency initiatives.

The Poverty Alliance is represented on the Board of EAS and workly closely on fuel poverty issues with EAS through the Scottish Fuel Poverty Forum.

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Scottish Drugs Forum


Awaiting information

Scottish Refugee Council


Since 1985, Scottish Refugee Council has worked to ensure all refugees in Scotland are treated fairly, with dignity and that their human rights are respected.

An independent charity, we’re here to provide essential information and advice, but that’s just part of the story. We also campaign for political change, raise awareness about issues that affect refugees, and work closely with local communities and organisations.

There are approximately 40 of us based here in Glasgow, as well as over 50 volunteers who give their valuable time to help us in our work, from advising new refugees, providing advice to helping us raise funds.

The Poverty Alliance is represented on the board of the SRC by Twimukye Mushaka. We have carried out a number of joint initiaitives with SRC, particularly around the experience of refugee women and poverty. Please contact Twimukye for more information. 

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Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations


SCVO are the main umbrella body for voluntary organisations in Scotland, with more than 1300 members. It supports organisations to develop, and also works to bring about social change. The Poverty Alliance is currently represented on the Policy Committee of SCVO, and works closely with SCVO on European issues.

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Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector


The Poverty Alliance are long standing members of GCVS, the largest Council of Voluntary organisations in Scotland. GCVS provides a wide range of services in the city and well and campaigning and lobbying to ensure that the views and issues of voluntary organisations are heard at the local and national level. Peter Kelly serves on the Board and Policy Committee of GCVS.

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Community Health Exchange


CHEX is short for Community Health Exchange. They promote and support community-led health -where local communities identify the issues that are important to them and organise to take collective action to address these issues and improve their health.

If you are a local group or organisation in Scotland working to improve the health of your community, or if you are in the statutory sector supporting this type of work, you can register with us for information, advice, networking and training opportunities.

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Child Poverty Action Group Scotland


CPAG in Scotland is one of the Poverty Alliance's key partners in Scotland. They seek to raise awareness of child poverty through a variety of media activities, and by actively campaigning to promote solutions to child poverty.

They provide a wide range of high quality benefits and tax credits training courses. We offeradvice, information and support to advisers in Scotland about benefits and tax credits.

We offer specialist advice on children and families, tax credits, students and benefits and black and minority ethic communities.

We coordinate the Scottish Social Security Consortium (in partnership with Citizens Advice Scotland), a network of policy, parliamentary and rights workers from national and voluntary sector organisations based in Scotland.

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