Working with Communities

The Poverty Alliance carries out a range of community engagement activities with  communities and individuals who are living on a low income. The key aim of our work with communities is to ensure that the voice of communities and individuals experiencing poverty are heard by policy makers and service providers and have an input into building the Alliance.

We believe it is a fundamental right for people who are affected by poverty to be involved in the decisions that affect their lives, and that more open and transparent processes are central to creating a more participative democracy. We primarily work with community organisations to engage with people with experience of poverty. If you are interested in getting involve din our work with communities then please use the contacts on the right hand side of this page. 

Our work with communities includes:

Community research

As part of our work providing evidence on poverty, we work directly with communities to help them undertake community research. By adopting participatory approaches that embed co learning with communities, we can provide research that reflects the issues faced on the ground and is empowering for those involved.

Capacity building and awareness raising

This involves regular meetings with CBOs, identifying their needs and helping them to find appropriate sources of support. Identifying ‘case studies’ to support our campaign work; undertaking awareness raising sessions on the meaning of poverty and how poverty affects local people and what steps they can take to address it.

Community consultation work

This involves supporting Ccommunity Based Organisations to respond to Government consultations on poverty related issues. Examples include The Welfare Reform Bill in particular changes to Disability Living Allowance and the Social Fund, and The Scottish Government’s National Parenting Strategy. 

Community Activists Advisory Group (CAAG)

The Community Activists Advisory Group brings together individual community activists drawn from our community work to engage with the Poverty Alliance staff and Board on grass roots engagement work. The group meets at-least four times a year to; make input to the organisation’s strategy and annual plans, review progress on the work of the Alliance and act as the link between the Poverty Alliance and local communities. CAAG members have been instrumental in supporting the Poverty Alliance engagement work with service providers such as Job Centre Plus, NHS 24, Health Boards, DWP etc and some members of the group have participated in meetings at national and European levels.

Community Poverty Discussion Events

These are thematic events The Poverty Alliance organises throughout Scotland. It involves brining together individuals, CBOs and local service providers to explore areas of concern such as housing and homelessness, financial inclusion, rural poverty and disability and health. The main aim is to explore local issues to identify local actions to address the issues. These discussions also inform our work with national policy makers, our Poverty Awareness Training and Policy and Campaign work.

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