The Organisational Pledges

In May 2015 we launched the lastest phase of the Stick Your Labels campaign. There are various approaches we can take to changing attitudes and beliefs about poverty - we can challenge the media portrayals of poverty, we can focus on how politicians talk about poverty and social security policy, we can challenge individuals when they repeat the myths about poverty. These are all essential things to do. However, for this next stage in the campaign we are focusing on what organisations, large and small, can do to help change attitudes towards poverty.

Why 'Organisational Challenge'?

Organisations, whether in the public, voluntary or private sectors, employ thousands of people in Scotland. People who live on low incomes engage with these organisations every day. We believe that organisations are in a position to have a significant impact on the experience of people on low incomes, to improve their experience. Organisations also have the ability to using their infleunce - with their staff, their customers and in their public statements - to shift public attituges. By signing up to the Stigma Pledges, organisations will be able to focus and plan how they can have a real impact on public attitudes.   

Stick Your Labels Briefings

The first pledge commits organisations to set out what they will do to help tackle poverty. Many organisaitons in the public and voluntary sectors take actions to address poverty and social exclusion. By signing this pledge they are agreeing to set out what they will do clearly. By doing this they will show that poverty is some that can be tackled, that it is not inevitable. 



The second pledge is at the core of the Stick Your Labels campaign. Stigmatising language reinforces many of the stereotypical and mistaken ideas that exist about poverty and about people living on low incomes. By signing this pledge organisations will ensure that they do not use language that can reinforce negative stereotypes.  



The final pledge commits organisations to take meaningful action to tackle stigmatising attitudes within their own organsiations. Even if many staff in your organsiation do not deal directly with the public, carrying out work to help them understand the causes and implications of poverty will be helpful. If they are working with people who may have experience of poverty, then it is essential that efforts are made to ensure that stigmatising attitudes are addressed. 


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