Case Study - East Ayrshire Council

Having signed up in November 2015, East Ayrshire Council went on to develop a high level Child Poverty ‘Action Plan’ which was approved by their board in January 2016.  
East Ayrshire Council have said that their Stick Your Labels sign up and commitment has been a great opportunity to raise awareness among staff of the importance of the correct use of non-stigmatising language.   This is to ensure that local residents do not feel stigmatised for experiencing poverty.
To ensure this, East Ayrshire Council invited colleagues from the Poverty Alliance to deliver a series of Stick Your Labels poverty awareness training sessions.  This training’s purpose was to raise awareness of issues surrounding poverty and to provide staff with information to take back to their own teams in relation to the reality of poverty and how it can impact local residents.
Education staff were also included within the Stick Your Labels training as part of a wider effort to address issues around poverty in schools.  The impact of poverty on early years development is also now built into training with Head Teachers and staff from Early Years establishments in the area.
East Ayrshire Council have reported back that the Stick Your Labels training was extremely well received by participants, who provided positive feedback on the content and nature of the sessions.  Staff from the Council’s Organisational Development Team supported the delivery of this training.  This allowed them to share in the learning and will ensure that is incorporated within the Council’s wider training offer as appropriate in future.
Overall, East Ayrshire Council believe that signing up to the Stick Your Labels pledge has been a great opportunity to raise the awareness of poverty and it’s impacts while informing their staff on how to prevent stigmatising residents.

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