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Campaigning against poverty is at the heart of what the Poverty Alliance does. Whilst the Alliance gives practical support and leads a number of campaigns we are also active supporters of a range of campaigns that other organisations lead. These pages highlight the campaigns that we currently focus on. Over the coming months we will add more information about the other campaigns that we support. 

As well as 'traditional' campaigning the Poverty Alliance also carries out a range of policy development and policy influencing work. This includes responding to consultations, providing evidence to parliamentary committees, engaging with advisory bodies and meeting with officials.


Now is the time to Make Renting Right…..

Shelter Scotland has recently launched its Make Renting Right campaign to reform, modernise and improve the growing private rented sector in Scotland. 

The campaign is calling for:

1.    Stability for people wanting to make rented housing their home.

2.    Flexibility for people to stay in their home as long as they need.

3.    A modern tenancy that gives security and flexibility for tenants AND landlords.

4.    A fair system for sorting out renting problems when they occur.

5.    Predictable rents for tenants and landlords.

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