We want to hear as wide a range of voices and experiences of poverty as possible to ensure that local and national responses to poverty reflect the reality on the ground. 


Individuals with experience of poverty

We want members of any communities affected by poverty - as well as people who work in or with those communities - to get involved in GHS, particularly people from the priority groups identified in the Child Poverty Delivery Plan (families with children under 1; large families; minority ethnic families; families with a disabled child or parent; young mothers, and lone parents).

It is vital to us that the widest and most diverse possible range of voices are heard, and we are particularly keen to ensure that BME groups and organisations, young people, women’s organisations, LGBT+ organisations and disabled people are involved in GHS.   


National and regional organisations

Key to GHS are our national and regional partner organisations, who help us ensure the widest possible reach of the programme. Our partners will utilise their networks to run discussion groups that feed into GHS, and help us promote the programme in order to get a diverse range of voices heard.


Community-based organisations

We want community-based organisations that work with people who are experiencing – or are at risk of experiencing – poverty to help us ensure that the people that they work with have their voices heard. Community-based organisations have the knowledge, networks and know-how and are vital partners in our mission of ensuring people experiencing poverty can have a real and meaningful say in the policies that affect their lives.

For more information contact:

Twimukye Mushaka

Senior Fieldwork Development Officer


For more information contact:

Neil Cowan

Policy and Parliamentary Officer


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