Get Heard Scotland (GHS) will provide feedback on anti-poverty policies and plans, centred around the commitments made in the Scottish Government’s Child Poverty Delivery Plan.

The emphasis of GHS is on encouraging groups and networks to undertake workshops, discussions, engagements and gatherings to discuss issues relating to poverty and social injustice in Scotland. These discussions will lead to the development of a community-led body of evidence about what works and what needs to change to solve poverty in Scotland.

To support these workshops and discussions, the Poverty Alliance has developed the Get Heard Toolkit. The toolkit is to be used by groups and organisations to gather views, and contains:

  • Background policy information
  • Advice on how to run workshops and discussions
  • Feedback forms
  • Monitoring and evaluation materials

We are currently live testing the ​GHS toolkit. If you would like to be involved in this part of the process please contact:


Feedback to policy makers

Following discussions, summaries are fed back to the Poverty Alliance, and are then compiled into summary reports which are fed directly into relevant policy-making processes, such as local child poverty action plans, Scottish Government consultations, and Scottish Parliament committee inquiries.

Every year groups and organisations that have been involved in GHS will be invited to take part in a national gathering where the evidence that has been gathered can be discussed and debated. Groups that have been involved will also be encouraged to use the evidence they gather in their own campaigning and lobbying work. 




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