Tackling Poverty Stakeholder Forum

The TPSF is one of the key dialogue processes that has been set up as part of the EPIC project. Unlike the Scottish Assembly for Tackling Poverty, it is intended to take a more focused approach, but one that still engages people with diorect experience of poverty, officials with responsibility for addressing poverty in Scotland, and key voluntary organisations. 

Over the last three years the TPSF, which has around 40 members has been meeting twice each year to get updates on anti-poverty policy. In particular we have been following the implementation and development of the Achieving Our Potential anti-poverty framework in Scotland. However the TPSF is not simply about policy makers telling community representatives what is going on, it is also about influence the development of those policies. Over the last three years we have fed into the development of the child poverty strategy, the review of the health inequalities strategy and the future of the social fund in Scotland. In addition we have also, through one of the TPSF short life working groups, launched Scotlands first anti-poverty stigma campaign, Stick Your Labels. 



Partcipation Works! Making an impact of anti-poverty policy: the case of the Scottish Welfare Fund 

In conjunction with intense lobbying efforts from other organizations, key recommendations emerging from a TPSF short life working group on poverty premiums have now been taken on board by the Scottish Government. Here we reflect on what we did and why it mattered more>


Briefing paper from 5th Tackling Poverty Stakeholder Forum now available

The latest briefing paper from the EPIC project highlights the key discussions that took place ast the last TPSF. In the meeting there was extensive discussion about the forthcoming Community Empowerment Bill, as well as a progress update on the Achieving Our Potential anti-poverty framework. To download the briefing click here


The Tackling Poverty Stakeholder Forum short life working group on poverty premiums

The short life working group on poverty premiums took place between May and October 2011. The group was made up of community activists with experience of poverty, Save the Children, Oxfam and the Routes out of Prison project, the Wise Group. The work focused on the poverty premium of affordable credit. To read the report click hereTo read the recommendations click here.


New Tackling Poverty Stakeholder Forum Papers

The fourth Tackling Poverty Stakeholder Forum took place on the 20 May 2011, in Glasgow. The meeting focused on housing and provided a platform to discuss the changes implemented at the UK Government level and the implications that this will have for Scotland. Presentations and discussions took place on housing benefit changes, fuel poverty and access to housing.To read the report click here.


The first Tackling Poverty Stakeholder Forum


The Tackling Poverty Stakeholder Forum is part of the Evidence - Participation - Change (EPiC) project. The Forum is made up of senior level Scottish Government Civil Servants, COSLA, Local Authorities, the Third Sector and community activists with direct experience of poverty issues. The Forum aims to provide a space for partnership working and to regularly assess the impact of the joint COSLA and Scottish Government anti poverty framework 'Achieving our Potential' (AOP). The Forum will meet every 6 months with working groups taking place in between. The first Stakeholder Forum took place on Friday, 18 September 2009.

Please click here to see the report of this first meeting.

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