Evidence, Participation, Change 

What is EPIC all about? Getting your voice heard and making a difference

This project, launched in 2009, has brought together activists from all backgrounds to influence the development of anti-poverty policies in Scotland. It has provided a real chance to make grass roots experiences heard by the Scottish Government and to work with others to lay the basis for action to tackle poverty in Scotland.

What is it all about?

This project aims to support community based organisations and individuals within them who have experience of the issues to get involved in local and national policy making.  It is also seeking to to get voices heard from the ground at Scottish Government level.

We aim to do this through:
1. Training with community based organisations and individuals with first hand experience of the issues
2. Development of new spaces for discussion and debate
3. Participatory research undertaken by individuals experiencing the issues.

You can finds out more about the different parts of the EPIC project here on the website. 

Who can be involved?

We are seeking the involvement of everyone! Activists, volunteers, staff – anyone who has experience that they want to make heard, who refuses to accept that poverty is inevitable and wants to join forces to strengthen the fight against it.

Contributions to childcare costs and travel are available.

For more information contact the EPIC team.
The EPIC project is funded by the Big Lottery Fund in Scotland.

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