Key Messages

Challenge Poverty in Scotland? Aye, we can!




We believe that:

•    Poverty exists in Scotland and affects us all
•    Poverty can be solved by boosting incomes and reducing costs
•    Solving poverty is about ensuring we can all participate in society  

Each organisation and group that takes part in Challenge Poverty Week will have their own priorities and policy asks, but we can all agree that poverty exists in Scotland and can be solved.

Whether you are organising an activity or talking to friends and family about Challenge Poverty Week, keep these key messages in mind and help to promote them.

“If we are serious about ending poverty in Scotland its vital that we build the public support needed to make real change happen. Challenge Poverty Week is a great opportunity to work together  to highlight the damage that poverty wreaks and create the pressure needed for real action to end it.”

John Dickie, Head of Child Poverty Action Group Scotland

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