What we want to achieve

There are four aims for the week:

  • Increase awareness of the reality of poverty in Scotland
  • Encourage engagement in positive debate and discussion about poverty
  • Highlight what is currently being done to tackle poverty
  • Identify solutions to poverty in Scotland

To achieve this organisations across Scotland will be organising events, running community activities, releasing publications and meeting with politicians to discuss their concerns.


Through all these focused activities we want to show that poverty is solvable.  We want to highlight and celebrate the good work that is being done to tackle poverty, and also look towards what we can do in the future to create an even bigger impact.

"So many families are now eating cold or microwave meals as they can't afford to use their cooker. Parents are starving themselves to allow their children to eat and so many who have had their benefits sanctioned are now living at the mercy of friends and family all because of the ruthless changes to our welfare system. Please join us for Challenge Poverty Week to help us STAMP out poverty"

Susan Archibald, anti-poverty activist and disability campaigner

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