1-7 October 201

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Challenge Poverty Week is an opportunity for you to raise you voice against poverty and show what is being done to tackle poverty across Scotland. Organisations large and small supported Challenge Poverty Week last year, and we hope even more get behind it this year. 


The main aims of the week are to:

  • Highlight the reality of poverty and challenge the stereotypes that about exist about it;
  • Demonstrate what is being done across Scotland to address poverty
  • Increase public support for more action to solve poverty 

We are encouraging as many groups and individuals to get involved in Challenge Poverty Week by organising activities or taking part in activities organised by others. For more information on this year's Challenge Poverty Week, please click here.

Challenge Poverty Week is a time for us to join together to challenge the existence of poverty in our communities. Our vision is to end child poverty- to listen to those affected by poverty,  to invest in high quality education for every child, liveable wages for families and a social security system which make respect for human rights and dignity the cornerstone of a new approach to welfare. 

Satwat Rehman, Director, One Parent Families Scotland

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