Menu for Change

As a result of poverty – not a shortage of food – too many people don’t have enough food in Scotland. People in communities across the country have responded incredibly to the growing need, whether by volunteering at a food bank or donating cash and food. Yet there is widespread agreement that food banks should not need to exist – everyone should have enough money to buy food and other essentials.

Menu for Change is a partnership project run by Oxfam, Poverty Alliance, Child Poverty Action Group in Scotland and Nourish Scotland. A Menu for Change is leading and supporting an evolution in the way Scotland responds to food insecurity. The Project is encouraging a shift away from emergency food aid as the solution and towards preventative and rights-based measures which increase the incomes of people facing crises and support them to feel able to access food in a dignified way. It is also working to address the underlying causes of the income crises which fuel food insecurity.

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